Aminogen Enzyme: Lose Fat, Keep Muscle

What is Aminogen?

Patented Aminogen is a new kind of protein-digesting enzyme that is derived from plants and is added to whey protein powders and supplements. This enzyme helps aid in the digestion of the protein supplement within the body while also helping to eliminate any excess bloating or possible constipation that does occur for some people who consume whey protein based shakes.

As it helps with body functions and digestion of proteins, it is considered helpful for weight loss and in building lean muscles.

Benefits of Aminogen

  • Enhancements in the muscle building potential of your body
  • Increases in lean body mass
  • Reductions in body fat
  • Effective support of vital body functions

How Does Aminogen Work for Men?

In men, it helps them to gain body muscle, shape, and strength.

Men who are looking for a physique with leaner, more pronounced muscle will benefit the most from it.

How Does Aminogen Work for Women?

Weight loss is something that all women seek. Aminogen allows women to lose and maintain their body weight while keeping the bodily functions at their optimal level.

Aminogen also helps in the production of proteins and provides lean muscles to their body.

Furthermore, a newfound use of aminogen is in cosmetics, where it is used as an anti-aging agent and creates firmness in your skin, especially in areas like the neck and under the chin, where the skin starts sagging and wrinkling first.

It is also used in anti-aging serum that are used around the eye, to reduce wrinkles, dark circles, and the drooping of eyelids.

Why Adding Aminogen to Whey Protein is Good?

The addition of Aminogen to whey protein is scientifically proven to improve digestion and retention of protein within the body.
Clinical research has shown Aminogen to increase BCAA retention levels by 250%, overall amino acid plasma levels by 100%, and nitrogen levels in muscle by 32%. Nitrogen retention allows the body to remain in an anabolic, or muscle-building state.

Another benefit shown from adding Aminogen was a significant 10% reduction of blood C-reactive protein levels 4 hours after taking in the whey plus enzymes. C-reactive protein is a non-specific marker of whole body inflammation that when elevated indicates increased risk for inflammatory diseases such as cardiovascular disease.

In addition to the above, Aminogen reduces some of the gas, bloating, cramping and/or constipation that can occur when some people eat a higher protein diet and include whey protein products. As some people know, this protein “gassiness” is not a pleasant side effect, so Aminogen is a sought-after addition.

How Aminogen Helps with Lactase

Aminogen is an enzyme that helps with the breakdown and digestion of protein content of your diet.

Similarly, lactase is an enzyme, used to break down the fat content of your diet.

Combined, aminogen and lactase make the perfect combination of digestive enzymes, as both the protein and fat content are broken down and easily absorbed by the body, allowing your body to make the best use of both the components.

Is Aminogen Safe?

Aminogen is 100 % natural, plant-based, allergen free, and affirmed as GRAS (generally recognized as safe) in protein powders, foods and beverages. No side effects are known or have been reported.


Recommended Whey Proteins with Aminogen

Optimum Nutrition, Gold Standard, 100% Whey, 5 lbs (2.27 kg)BioX, Natural Whey Complex, 5lb



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