How To Shred Water?

Last Updated on August 17, 2020

This is for lean people who want to temporarily get super-lean for some sort of ‘show’ (basically a time when you want to look super defined).

If you are above 12% body fat (for men), this will have little effect on you. The leaner you are, the more you get out cutting water weight.

When To Start?

How much time is needed to cut water weight really depends on which strategies the competitor decides to implement. Different strategies can begin as far as 2 weeks out, but at least one week before competition is where most people will begin protocol to shed excess water.

How Do I Cut Water Weight?

In the case of water weight cutting, it’s important to load up on water, then quickly reduce the intake to flush the majority of it out. Keep your sodium intake moderate & eat more fiber.

At the end of the cut you will increase your creatine and carbohydrate intake so that your muscles take the water from your skin (making the skin look thinner and the muscles look fuller).

Supplementation & Tanning

Dandelion root, black coffee, tea & red wine are naturally occurring diuretics.

Tanning helps to tighten up the skin. Always use some sort of SPF level. Sweating also drops excess fluid.

An advanced diuretic formula will also supply precise amounts of key minerals, vitamins and electrolytes to help maintain optimal muscle function and bioenergetics while you train for peak muscle definition.

What Are The Dangers Of Water Shredding?

Dehydration: The symptoms of dehydration can be mild to severe. With severe dehydration the organs can begin to shut down and bodily functions can be effected.

Muscle Cramping: Muscle cramping can be painful, and can really screw up a posing routine if it occurs on stage.

It is important to monitor your level of hydration, and never let it become dangerously low.

Recommended Supplements For Water Shredding


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