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Beta Alanine: Carnosine Synthesizer – Antioxidant & Muscular Endurance Enhancer

Carnosine: Antioxidant & Muscular Endurance Enhancer Beta Alanine is a naturally occurring amino acid which converts to a compound in your body called CARNOSINE. Carnosine has a poweful antioxidant capacity, in addition to promoting strength, lean body mass and muscular endurance by supporting the pH of the muscle cells. Carnosine is contained in both slow…
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REDCON1 Total War Review

AS THE NAME IMPLIES, TOTAL WAR IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART Given just how jam-packed this formula is, each serving of REDCON1 Total War yields a total of 14.7g. That’s practically double the standard serving size we see in other pre-workout supplements on the market. We would however expect this, as REDCON1 Total…
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Aminogen Enzyme: Lose Fat, Keep Muscle

What is Aminogen? Patented Aminogen is a new kind of protein-digesting enzyme that is derived from plants and is added to whey protein powders and supplements. This enzyme helps aid in the digestion of the protein supplement within the body while also helping to eliminate any excess bloating or possible constipation that does occur for…
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Micellar Casein: Build Muscle While You Sleep

WHAT IS CASEIN PROTEIN? Casein, like whey, is a complete protein source that is derived from dairy. It’s known as a slower-digesting protein, which is why you’ll see it suggested before bed, or as part of a meal replacement shake. Casein is generally a better muscle builder, a better strength builder, and a better fat…
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What are Whey Peptides?

Whey peptides, also known as protein peptides, are short polymers of amino acids linked by peptide bonds. They have the same peptide bonds as those in proteins, but are commonly shorter in length. The shortest peptides are dipeptides, consisting of two amino acids joined by a single peptide bond. There can also be tripeptides, tetrapeptides,…
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Get Shredded: 6 Pack for Summer

Building a 6 pack can be a confusing process & there is a lot of misguided information out there. Read this article to learn the science behind 6 pack abs. With summer just around the corner that desired six pack quest is likely at the forefront of your mind. While there are lots of different…
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The Best Supplements For Bodybuilding

Are you trying to build muscle, but not seeing results? Read on for the top muscle-building supplements for faster gains! There is no shortage of supplements that claim to boost muscle gains, but truly elite physiques are built by hard training and serious nutrition first and foremost. Supplements are just the icing on the cake.…
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Creatine: Reach Your Goals in the Shortest Time Possible!

Creatine is one of the most popular sports training supplements in the world and is used by hardcore weightlifters and elite athletes because it works. Some people are concerned that there may be some negative creatine effects on the body but there is little information about any possible negative effects and it is very safe…
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Is High Protein Supplementation Dangerous?

Rumor has it that excessive consumption of protein can cause kidney failure. What are the side effects of amino supplements? This article will show you the truth about the effects of taking more protein in your diet. Protein is the main material for cell growth and regeneration. It is extremely important for your body. The…
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