• BioX, Nitro Juice Gainer, 5.45 Kg
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BioX, Nitro Juice Gainer, 5.45 Kg


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This product is the ultimate solution for the hard gainer seeking to add weight quickly.

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  • 50-57 grams of Nitro Pro Protein Matrix, an exclusive blend of fast and slower releasing proteins
  • 3 grams of Creatine Monohydrate
  • 2 grams of L-Glutamine
  • Powerzyme Digestive Enzyme Complex featuring Aminogen
  • 11+ grams of Branch Chain Amino Acids

We all know that guy….the one who is constantly eating copious amounts of foods in search of putting on mass with very little to show for it. Well, look no further! Our Nitro Juice may be the solution to your problem.

Specifically designed with the hard gainer in mind, this product delivers a 3 to 1 low glycemic carbohydrate matrix to high quality, time released protein matrix coupled with a 5000 mg serving of our proprietary creatine/glutamine blend designed specifically to add volume to muscle cells and enhance growth and recovery. It contains 50-57 grams of NitroPro, our exclusive time released protein matrix which provides up to eight hours of steady amino acid release.

If you want to get big, you want to get the right nutrition. This isn't your meal replacement shake to go between power walks in the park and spin cycle classes... No!

This is the real deal formula for the hard gainer!! You want a serious solution to your dietary needs, this is where it gets real!

NITRO JUICE GAINER from BioX is packed with Low GI Carbohydrates to get you through the day. There's a time release protein formula with added enzymes to get as much of that goodness into your body where you need it, all the time!

And if that wasn't already enough, they've packed a creatine solution in there as well to make sure your muscles are primed and ready for growth!

It's got BCAAs, glutamine, a digestive enzyme complex, creatine and the BioX NitroPro, time release protein matrix.. what more do you want?

Additionally, Nitro Juice Gainer is undoubtedly the most delicious tasting gainer on the market. Its fabulous taste will leave you craving your next shake!

This product is the ultimate solution for the hard gainer seeking to add weight quickly, efficiently, and deliciously! Simply put, if you want to get big fast, get on the JUICE – THE SOLUTION FOR THE HARDGAINER!

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