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Higher Testosterone levels for more Muscle growth & Fat Loss

Higher testosterone levels are often equated with more muscle growth and fat loss. Here are basic Lifestyle Hacks For High Testosterone: 1- Sleep enough — often more is better The majority of the daily testosterone release in men occurs during sleep. Fragmented sleep and obstructive sleep apnea are associated with reduced testosterone levels. A study…
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Amino Acids: EAA’s & BCAA’s

Essential Amino Acids As the name implies, EAA's are essential because they can't simply be made by your body like all the other amino acids can. Instead, you have to get EAA's from your diet or other exogenous sources. Essential amino acids are also known as “indispensable amino acids”, and are basically an amino acid…
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Faster Recovery after Exercise

When you do extreme events like Ironman races, triathlons and marathons, recovery is in the range of 10 to 14 days. That’s up to two weeks for your red and white blood cells (RBCs & WBCs) to normalize, inflammation to subside, muscle fibers to heal, and for the whole cascade of functions to occur in…
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Plastic Surgery, Breast Implants, and Cancer

We live in a very appearance-conscious world, and anything you don’t like about your body or think of as an imperfection can eat away at your self-confidence. Hence, the vast popularity of so many forms of plastic surgery. Of course, with these procedures come multiple risks including anesthesia complications, scarring, and blood clots. Yet hundreds…
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POMEGRANATE: Cancer Prevention, Heart Health, and More!

The pomegranate has been consumed and used for thousands of years. It is even believed by some that the pomegranate is the fruit that grew in the Garden of Eden, and not actually the apple. Literally meaning seeded apple, the pomegranate is one of the world’s most popular fruits. When you look a little closer,…
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Lead Poisoning Still a Problem!

Back in the 1970’s, lead poisoning was a leading topic of conversation, along with the war in Viet Nam and post-mortem Elvis sightings. Back then, researchers discovered that an astonishing 77 percent of children in the US had high levels of lead in their bloodstream. Since lead can have a profound and harmful effect on…
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These 5 Mistakes Steal Your Testosterone

Most men think that low testosterone levels are a natural part of aging. Worse yet, they think there’s nothing you can do to stop it—other than risky, expensive hormone replacement therapy. But here’s the thing… We all know men in their 60s—and beyond—who are in great shape. Their energy levels are through the roof. They…
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CLA: Can This Fatty Acid Help You Get Thin?

Fans of the nutritional supplement CLA believe it does. Here’s the skinny on how CLA works and how you can best incorporate it into your fitness regimen. “LOSE FAT WITH FAT!” Yes, it sounds like yet another dubious infomercial promise. But a growing number of American dieters who take nutritional supplements containing the fatty acid…
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