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Nutrabolics, Mass Fusion, 16 LB

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MASS FUSION is a ultra-premium quality mass gainer that is designed to support hardcore mass-building while helping to keep gains as lean and consistent as possible. Perfect for hardgainers and heavy-duty bodybuilders.


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  • 50 g of Protein
  • Clean Carbs
  • No Amino Spiking
  • Great Taste
  • Gluten Free

Nutrabolics Mass Fusion 2.0 is an all new ‘premium quality mass gainer’. It contains a potent formula that has been shown to help in the development of our bodies in a naturally fast and effective way. All of the added components are clinically verified, and there are various scientific papers which demonstrate the use of the various amino acids and carb extracts that have been added to the mix.

Building muscle is an anabolic process that is calorie dependent. If you’re not eating enough total calories each day to meet your metabolic needs, you will never build muscle.
For athletes with a fast metabolism or hard gainers who just can’t gain weight no matter how much they eat, we engineered MASS FUSION® 2.0.

Each serving contains 950 clean calories and 50 grams of pure protein from three different protein sources: 100% whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate and micellar casein. Each of these protein sources is absorbed by your body at a different rate, allowing you to avoid slipping into a catabolic state and losing mass.
By consuming all three proteins, you get a continuous elevation in protein synthesis for up to 8 hours. MASS FUSION® 2.0. also delivers 19 grams of essential amino acids (EAAs), 9 grams of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) and 6.5 grams of glutamine and glutamic acid!

While many of today’s products tend to use shoddy chemical substitutes (to deliver carbohydrates), Mass Fusion 2.0 from Nutrabolics comes packed with an amazing 176g of clean/lean carbohydrate (this includes Waxy Maize Starch, Sweet Potato, and Quinoa), along with 29 ultra-dense servings of pure mass per bag and zero added aminos.

Nutrabolics Mass Fusion 2.0 Key benefits:

(i) Rapid Muscle Development:
Through the delivery of key proteins and amino derivatives, Mass Fusion 2.0 by Nutrabolics is able to timely supply our bodies with essential nutrients what they may be synthesized and converted in muscle fibres.

(ii) Taste:
While many mass builders do work, they fail to provide good taste and thus it can be a chore to consume some of these supplements. Mass Fusion has been designed using specific milk protein derivatives which are known to not only deliver high quality proteins but also possess a rich, creamy taste.

(iii) No Amino Spiking:
There are no additives that have been co-supplied to the mix. Similarly, the supplement is completely free of any amino compounds that have been added in order to give users short term benefits.

No fillers, binders, artificial color agents have been added to Nutrabolics Mass Fusion 2.

(iv) Made Specifically for ‘Hardgainers’:
Like mentioned earlier, there are certain people who find it hard to put on weight or develop lean muscle mass. This is because their metabolisms are geared towards a higher basal functional rate. The primary active agents in Mass Fusion 2.0 have been found to help such individuals improve their mass development.


For a rich creamy shake, mix 3 scoops of Mass Fusion in 450 to 550 ml (depending on desired consistency) of ice cold water or skimmed milk. For best results drink 2 servings daily; 1 serving for breakfast and another at any point during the day (ideally before a workout).

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